We are in need of the following items for student and classroom use!
When you join the PSA Parent Community Association your  tax deductible Membership donation will go towards fulfilling these needs and others that are requested throughout the year!  Membership makes it simple for us to fund the most urgent needs, however if you would prefer to donate a specific item, please click the link below and we will purchase it in your student or family's name. If you want to purchase something independent of this system please contact the PSA PCA for details so we can avoid duplication.  As you know, schools in the South Carolina Charter School District receive less funding than schools in our tri-county area and we receive no funds for facility, maintenance or transportation.  We rely on the generosity of our community and greatly appreciate your assistance.  

*Click the red links to purchase and THANK YOU!
Intermediate Dissection Kit (13 more needed) 2 fulfilled by Ken Ryan and Sarah Taylor  $   19.00
Acid vs. Base Kit
Fulfilled by PCA Membership
 $ 285.00
Large European Wall Map
Fulfilled by PCA Membership
 Math Department Needs
Class set of rulers (2 needed)  $   10.00
Class Set of scissors
Fulfilled by PCA Membership
Laser Measure
Fulfilled by Ken Ryan
Trundle Wheel  $   17.00
Compasses (15 needed)
 $     6.00
Dictionaries (18 more needed)
12 Fulfilled by PCA Membership
 $   14.00
Headphones (10 needed)
Fulfilled by PCA Membership
Conducting Stand
 $ 419.00
Light Trees (2 needed)
 $ 417.00
Lavalier Mics (5 needed)
 $ 399.00
Dumb Bell Sets of all Sizes   $   40.00
Kettle-bells Sets  $   40.00
Hot Spot Exercise Sets (3 more needed)
1 Fulfilled by PCA Membership
 $   54.00
13" Balance Disk (2 needed)  $   25.00
Electric Pencil Sharpeners
Fulfilled by thru PSA PCA Membership
Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 
Fulfilled by PSA PCA Memberships
Post-it Poster Paper
Fulfilled by PCA Membership
File Crates (3 needed) $  10.00 
Fulfilled by PCA Membership
3 hole punch 
Fulfilled by the Durham-Henderson Family
Bouncy Bands (24 needed)
Fulfilled by PCA Membership
 All Fulfilled by the Dicknson Family, Ken Ryan and Janice Quinn 
Kick balls
All Fulfilled by Janice Quinn and Kay Swann

Swing Ball Set (2 needed) $   16.00
Ring Toss Set (3 needed) $  20.00 
Side Walk Chalk Set (3 needed) $  20.00 
Disc Slam Set (3 needed) $  24.00 
Jump Rope Set (2 needed) $  40.00 
Yard Dice (3 needed) $  40.00 
Large Outdoor Jenga Game 
Fulfilled by the Parker Family
Rust-oleum Striping Paint $  25.00 
Rental of Line Striper $ 60.00 
Lowes Gift Cards to purchase supplies to build and repair picnic tables
Fullfilled by the Hildebrand Family
Sun Sails for Outdoor classrooms
(2 needed)
 $ 25.00 
Convertible tables/benches (10 needed) $150.00